Quantum Learning – the revolution in education

Heather Yelland, Director, and Will Slater, Co-ordinator, Green SuperCamp Australia
August 2015

As we know from the research, as well as our own experience, the number one indicator of children’s success in education is “engagement”. So, how do we engage children in the context of increasing pressure to deliver more, often with less, and still ensure we respond to the unique needs of each child and cater to his or her unique learning style.

Green SuperCamp Australia is a programme, built on a 36 year history in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia, that has been changing the lives of young Australians for 4 years. Having been featured extensively in the media, such as on Sunrise and The Project, it was recently described as “the revolution in education, taking Australia by storm”. Achieving results such as:

  • 100% of participants increased their self-esteem
  • 100% increased their confidence and courage
  • 98% increased their self-discipline and commitment
  • 100% increased their academic skills
  • 100% increased their communication and relationship skills
  • 92% increased environmental awareness

Furthermore, the percentage of increase in each core area of measurement is very significant. For instance, there was an average overall increase of:

  • 168% increase in Reading Speed
  • 55% in Academic and study Skills
  • 42% increase in Self-esteem
  • 36% in Personal Skills

So, what are they doing that’s working?

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