5 Ways to Help Your Teenager be Confident & Successful at School
with Karen Bonanno, Youth Coach & Mentor
August 2018

We want our kids to feel confident and valued. We want them to be successful at school, in extra-curricular and social activities and, ultimately, their chosen career.

There’s lots to juggle as we encourage and guide them to find their natural abilities and develop essential skills and capabilities. We want them to develop a healthy sense of self-worth; to know it is OK being who they are.

At this free webinar you will learn:

  • 3 simple ways to build up their self esteem and self worth
  • The single biggest DISTRACTION that will undermine their confidence (and they do it every day!)
  • The #1 strategy to improve your child’s chances of success at school (regardless of age)
    Plus a whole lot more!

Karen Bonanno has over 35 years’ experience working in government and non-government schools as a secondary teacher, teacher librarian, head of department, acting deputy principal, regional advisor, education officer and education consultant. Karen is also an accredited Flow Consultant in Talent Dynamics, a Performance Consultant in Talent Dynamics for Young People, and an accredited Ignition! Trainer. She has used her Creator/Astronaut profile to evolve professionally in business as a youth coach & mentor, and webinar provider of https://sapmea.asn.au/cialis-20mg/ professional learning.

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