Opportunities for teacher librarians in National Standards CCSS and Australian National Curriculum Capabilities with David Loertscher (USA) and Karen Bonanno (Australia).

12 October 2012
Webinar replay — Approximately 60 minutes.

Karen Bonanno via web from Australia — The seven inter-related general capabilities of the new Australian Curriculum provide opportunities for teacher librarians to significantly contribute to the teaching and learning processes in the F (Foundation) to 12 (Year 12) education. An inquiry-based framework, supported by a scope and sequence of skills across all year levels, will enable the development and delivery of digital literacy capabilities as evident in the new Australian Curriculum.

David Loertscher, live in WLMA Yakima — David will examine a contrasting integration of 21st century skills into content-oriented learning experiences combined with a Big Think strategy in order to build transfer of these skills across the disciplines and across the grade levels.

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