Enrich learning with AV content in the digital classroom

Jamie LeHuray, Manager of EnhanceTV
27 February 2013

Webinar replay — Approximately 43 minutes.
In this webinar, Jamie LeHuray, Manager of EnhanceTV, will provide:

  • an overview of how teachers want to use AV resources in today’s classrooms,
  • an introduction to EnhanceTV Direct, a new web streaming service offering educators access to an online library of 12,000 educational television programs, with around 100 new programs added each week, and
  • a live demonstration of the key features and benefits of the service and how it answers the challenges faced by educators.

EnhanceTV Direct was developed by Screenrights, the non-profit organisation that licenses educational institutions to copy from TV for teaching. Jamie will briefly describe how the Screenrights licence works.

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