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Digital Literacy
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • What Your Students Need to Know about Google Search
  • Teaching Strategies for Digital Literacy
  • Media Literacy and Fake News
  • Keys to Success: Transforming Information & Digital Literacy for Students
  • Digital literacy, skills development and curriculum connections
  • Defining and Developing Digital Literacy

Digital Citizenship
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Digital Citizenship: Student learning and academic performance
  • Digital Citizenship: School environment and student behaviour
  • Digital Citizenship: Life outside the school environment

Curriculum Design
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Connected Learning: A Smart Framework for Educators
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Teaching Inquiry through the Library Context
  • Planning your Coding Implementation
  • Where to Get Started with Global Projects
  • Guiding the Journey to Inquiry
  • Step-by-step: Design an Online Learning Program for Students

Social Networking
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Engagement as an Educator Online
  • Blogging as a Collaborative Tool

Literature and Literacy
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Let’s Chat about how School Libraries can Impact Student Literacy Outcomes
  • Go Wild this 2020 CBCA Book Week – Curious Creatures are Welcome
  • Great Summer Reads from the 2019 Kid’s Reading Guide
  • Storybooks Provoking Lesson Ideas
  • Supercharge your Book Week with Ideas, Activities and Themes to Get Kids Reading
  • Introduction to the 2019 Notables of the CBCA Book of the Year: Older Readers
  • Story Mapping – Using Geographical Concepts to Respond to Literature
  • Great Reads for Upper Primary & Lower Secondary Students (11-14 age group)
  • Find Your (Story) Treasure this Book Week
  • Connected Books: Getting Smart with Literature
  • Postmodern Literature: Fun, frivolity and finesse in the English classroom

Teaching and Learning
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Designing an Effective E-learning Course to Complement your Classroom Teaching
  • Constructionism @ Home
  • Becoming Trauma-Sensitive in the Classroom
  • Your Mental Health Matters
  • STEAM Powered Projects – Sustainable Soapmaking
  • Helping Students Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Looking at Information Literacy through the Transversal Competency Lens
  • Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to Implement Problem-based and Inquiry Learning
  • Cultivating Connected Learning: a Participatory Pedagogical Approach
  • Questions and Questioning Frameworks for Inquiry Learning
  • Learning Styles and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Distinctions
  • Leverage your Pedagogical Gifts to Maintain Relevance
  • Future Learning and Student Engagement

Research in Education
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Teaching Students to be Critical Online Learners
  • STEM or STEAM: Setting the Scene for Learning
  • Research for Reflective Practice

Strategic Management
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Too Much of a Good Thing: How to Priortise and Streamline your Workload
  • School Libraries During and Post COVID-19: Series 2
  • School Libraries During and Post COVID-19: Series 1
  • Elements of a Digital Classroom
  • E3 = Embedding, Engaging and Enduring
  • Library as ‘Third Space’ in the School: Supporting Academic & Emotional Wellbeing in the School Community
  • Will the School of the Future have a Library of the Future?
  • The Future Focused School Library
  • Full STEAM Ahead: Making the world a better place

Apps, Tools and Resources
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • Getting Creative with AR & VR in the Primary Classroom
  • Backchannels in the Classroom
  • Creating Infographics Using Microsoft Tools
  • Virtual Reality as a Learning Resource
  • Games Based Learning
  • Coding using robotics K-6
  • Skype in the Classroom
  • Animation and Coding for Digital Storytelling 101
  • Apps, Tools and Digital Resources that Support the Curriculum
  • 3D Printing: Not Just Model Making
  • Developing Online Tutorials: Using web tools
  • Developing Online Tutorials: Using Office Mix
  • Blogging 101
  • Book Trailers: Pitfalls & practicalities + process & publication

Designing Learning Environments
Pay-per-view titles under this category are:

  • School Learning Space Designing for Everyday Designers
  • Develop curious and creative students in the classroom
  • Future Learning and Student Engagement
  • Makerspace and Students’ Wellbeing
  • Library Learning Spaces Design
  • Makerspaces for Learning in Your Library
  • Low-tech Maker Projects for the Budget Conscious
  • Step by Step: Design on online course for teachers

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Apps, Tools and Resources
Designing Learning Environments
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