visible-classroomThe Visible Classroom program encourages teachers to critically assess how they have taught to see their teaching through the eyes of their students. Teachers can see their impact in the classroom and make subsequent evaluative, evidence-based adjustments to their teaching to support improved student outcomes.

How does it work?

  1. You record your lessons using a smartphone (or any recording device) and submit them to the Visible Classroom team.
  2. At the end of each lesson, you will receive a full transcript of your lesson. We individual time-code each word and use this rich data to provide you with real-time teaching metrics. Find out how long you spoke, how many questions you asked and how fast you spoke in the lesson.
  3. After you’ve completed five hours, world-leading education experts from the University of Melbourne review your transcripts and analyse the content of your lessons using a specifically developed rubric drawing on a range of high quality teaching practices identified from the work of Hattie, Marzano and Danielson.
  4. You receive personalised feedback about your teaching focused on the impact goals you have nominated with detailed observations and recommended teaching strategies designed to improve learning outcomes for your students.

Watch this video to find out more …

SIGN UP TODAY Involves submission of 5 hours of classroom audio to receive 5 transcripts, 5 dashboards and 1 University of Melbourne personalised feedback report.

On receipt of your payment your contact information will be forwarded to the Visible Classroom team.

Eduwebinar Pty Ltd ATF Professional Learning Network is a non-exclusive reseller for the Visible Classroom.

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