I am impressed with Eduwebinar. Living in a rural area means these PDs are accessible, whereas many are not due to my location.

- Melanie, Victoria

I am enjoying the process of attending webinars. I listen and look, then think about it and love the facility (as a member) to go back and revisit the session to clarify and remind me of the content. I am getting more out of the webinars than rushing to an evening workshop. I have time to reflect and plan one change, then actually execute it, rather than rush, travel, park, attend then race home…with very little reflection time.

- Glenys, South Australia

I have known Karen for many years and she is always very organised, very thoughtful and very professional. She is totally committed to empowering teacher librarians by giving them the information they need to become valued members of their school communities. Through her Eduwebinar series she connects teacher librarians around the world with the best professionals, the latest research and the most practical tools to promote learning.

- Cathy Oxley, Qld.

My subscription to Eduwebinar has enabled me to connect easily to professional learning that is current, well-presented and relevant. The opportunities it provides for my professional growth are amazing – and I can do this from the comfort of my home, here in rural Northern Tasmania. Each session I have participated in has given me practical ideas that I can take back to my school library the very next day, and I have really appreciated the collective wisdom and wealth of resources that the presenters are able to share with me. Thank you Karen; as a relatively new person to the role of Teacher-Librarian, living in an area where face-to-face PL opportunities of this nature would be few and far between, your webinar service is invaluable to me.

- Jessica Marston, Teacher-Librarian (M. Ed, CSU, 2010), Hagley Farm Primary School, Tasmania, Australia

Eduwebinar has provided me with informative professional development to

  • Explore new topics
  • Investigate different perspectives
  • Collaborate with my peers

I really appreciate your diverse presenters who share their learning journey. Even better when one is relaxed in the lounge room with a cup of coffee.

- Sandy, QLD

I have listened to a webinar of yours previously which was really helpful – and as a result of your information,  I wrote a successful proposal to employ an Information Literacy Teacher attached to the library. We employed a wonderful teacher in this role at the beginning of this year and she has been very well received by the staff. We are continuing to develop her role.

- Ann Boyle, Library Manager, WA

KerryEduwebinar makes keeping up to date with emerging issues in education so easy. Engaging presenters from a variety of areas provide input, stimulate discussion and respond to issues and questions from participants – the hour simply flies! If you can’t participate at the scheduled time, you can always check in at a later, more convenient time. PD in your favourite armchair – even my dog approves 🙂 And the blog is a source of just in time learning too – I watched Stephen Heppell talking about the effective use of social media yesterday – short, sharp and succinct – great for time-poor professionals.

- Kerry Gestier, NSW

Having just read the article in Australian teacher, I signed up at the last minute.  A really interesting and painless format to use for one hour of professional learning.  The topic BYOT – Understanding the inevitable and its implications with Mal Lee was just-in-time for me because we have been having these discussions at school level without using the term BYOT.  The input was useful and gave me facts and figures  to work with at future school technology meetings.  I had a corridor meeting with the Principal and he is looking forward to more information.  Thank you.

- Jan, Qld

Thanks for this article.  It was just the inspiration I needed this morning.

- Pam, QLD

Thanks Karen for your updates on this. Your recent article in Incite was very clear and informative.

- Mark, QLD

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