Readings to support the webinar on Research for Reflective Practice with Dr Jennie Bales

Recommended reading prior to the session. They are quite long, so you may like to scan them to identify the differences and return to them after the webinar when you have some context to bring to your examination.

Corcoran, S. & Jensen B. (2014). ‘Challenge-based learning: Exploring sustainability’. Scan. 33(4), pp. 6-12.
An example of action research for evidence-based practice that reports on the cycles in an implementation process and evaluation.
It is freely available from the SCAN archives Select Volume 33 Issue 4.

Softlink. (2015). 2015 Australian and New Zealand School Library Survey. Retrieved from
Note that you need to provide contact details to access this report, but you do not have to agree to receive emails.
This report comes from survey-based research using an online questionnaire. Some findings have been extracted and are presented as infographics – a great tool for sharing statistical results.
Digital devices in Australian and New Zealand School
School Library Staff Infographic

Wilhelm, J. (2016). ‘Recognising the power of pleasure: What engaged adolescent readers get from their free-choice reading, and how teachers can leverage this for all‘. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy. (39)1, pp. 30-41.
This survey-based research focuses on gathering students’ opinions and responses to reading and literature. Questionnaires are interpreted qualitatively – rather than providing statistical data – the research is presented as a rich narrative where findings are supported with evidence from the students’ responses. Although this is a three-year study, there are some useful ideas, approaches and examples of questionnaires that could inform a smaller research project.
[Note: Permission granted for Dr Bales to provide the above article for this webinar only.]


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