K-12 Horizon Report 2015

The NMC Horizon Report K-12 2015 edition is definitely a must-read for teachers.

By being aware of what is literally on the education horizon, you can reflect on where you are in relation to the forecast for edtech developments, short-term trends and challenges for implementation.

It is not too surprising to see Makerspaces and BYOD in the one year or less time for adoption. If you are following social media networks and education discussion lists, plus conference/seminar programs, you will be seeing these two edtech developments as prominient items on the agenda for discussion.

Eduwebinar has hosted webinars on both these topics and will continue to explore the developments and the learning outcomes resulting from the implementation. Keep an eye on our webinar schedule for these two areas of edtech development.

For the short-term impact trends that drive K-12 edtech adoption, increasing use of hybrid/blended learning designs and the rise of STEAM learning are identified.

Check out our Hints and Tips webinar archive for some views on these two elements. Over the years we have continued to provide commentary on these topics as they relate to the classroom.

To find out more about the NMC Horizon Report K-12 2015, view the short view below.

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