Is your school ready for BYOT?

Last week I had Mal Lee as my guest for a webinar entitled, Readying your school for BYOT.  Mal shared his findings on the 6 evolutionary stages that a school would go through.  The stages are Paper Based > Early Digital > Digital > Early Networked > Networked > Digital Normalisation.

The research suggests:

  • all schools will move along an evolutionary continuum once they leave their traditional paper operational base and move to one that is digital and networked.  Once organisations go digital and networked – be they banks, newspapers, hospitals or schools – they will move from era of relative constancy and continuity to one of on-going, often rapid and uncertain change and evolution.
  • that continuum will be ever-evolving, ever-expanding and vitally will be largely common in form regardless of school type or size, level of schooling, socio-economic standing or context, at least within the schools of the English speaking world
  • all schools will moreover move through a series of common stages, with each stage having a suite of remarkably common, interrelated attributes.

Visit their blog – School Evolutionary Stages.

You can read more about the evolutionary stages in his discussion paper that he wrote with Roger Broadie and view the slide presentation from the webinar.

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