Genius School’s Micro Camp for Teens

The Micro Camp is a fun-packed transformational event during which your child will identify and explore their natural strengths, passions and purpose. They will discover their true genius and understand why they find some things easy and other things not so easy, and why everyone is uniquely different.

Genius School will be running a Micro Camp in Redcliffe (Queensland) on the 13th and 14th December 2021 for young people aged 12 to 18 years. CLICK HERE to find out more.

This is a 2-day program designed as a transformational experience where young people will connect to identify their genius, recognise their unique strengths,
connect with their passions and start to explore a purpose for their life.

During this 2 day, non-residential event they will interact with Genius School Educators who will help youth to understand their unique genius and how they can add value to make a difference to the community in which they live and the world around them.

Four reasons to join the Genius School’s Micro Camp

  1. You want your child to be confident in celebrating their unique genius and why they really are.
  2. You want your child to know more about how they can learn at their absolute best to be successful.
  3. You want your child to learn how to effectively find their flow and live a life based on their passions and purpose.
  4. You want to find out how you can understand the natural genius in your child and how you can continue to support them on the lifelong journey.

20 young people will spend 2 days engaged in different activities to help them discover their true genius. They will also explore everything from how different genius types can work for them, how different people find success and how they can use their genius to discover their flow and purpose.

Each Genius Camper is supported to build their strengths, passions, develop life skills, and grow their confidence.

CLICK HERE to find out more information and how to register.  

Key Learning Outcomes

Show Up 💥
This is the opportunity for the Genius Campers to learn about their path of least resistance to success in life, how they learn best and how to use those strengths to help them achieve their goals, not only in school today, but also throughout their lives.

Step Up 💥
We dive deeper into how our Genius Campers own who they show up as in the world and as leaders in their schools and communities. We teach them how to leverage the team around them by focusing on and valuing the genius in each camper.

Give Back 💥
We create an opportunity for the Genius Campers to work together to give back to their community in a meaningful way.

🚀 We also share with the parents and caregivers what the Genius Campers have learned and how they can continue to support them through understanding their path of least resistance as a student and a future leader.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to help your child grow in confidence and to discover their natural pathway to success.

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