Free Webinar Series for Educators

Following on from the free webinar – Future Skills, Future Schools, Future School Libraries – I’ve set up a sequence of webinar recordings to support the elements for being future-ready. CLICK here to sign up. 

Here is a quick overview of what you will be able to view:

  1. School Learning Space Designing for Everyday Designers‘ with Dr Hilary Hughes. This webinar is for ‘everyday designers’ with an interest in creating school spaces that support learning, teaching and student wellbeing. We will explore how school community members, including students, can collaborate in (re)imagining their physical school environment. The webinar will cover basic participatory designing concepts and practices, illustrated by real-life school design experiences. No prior professional design knowledge or experience is required.
  2. Reflections on Remote Learning with a Global Student Cohort‘ with Karen Bonanno. This webinar is a reflection on the design, preparation, delivery and evaluation of virtual learning experiences with a student cohort from around the world.
  3. Connection, Collaboration and Community in Your School Library’ with Bel Cameron. In this webinar discover simple, fun and affordable ideas, projects and whole school approaches to enhancing whole school community collaboration and wellbeing. Explore budget solutions using critical and creative thinking for transforming libraries, such as coordinating a chicken fashion parade, or connecting your school across the globe with Percy the World Travelling Pom Pom or meteorites that land in neighbouring primary schools.

To get access to the webinar series you will need to CLICK here to sign up. 

P.S. If you are given the option to confirm your email, please make sure you do this, otherwise you will not receive the email notification for the webinar series. This is an anti-spamming and safety feature that is now required.

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