Eduwebinar virtual tour: behind the scenes

Karen Bonanno, Founder and Managing Director, Eduwebinar Pty Ltd
Webinar replay – approximately 29 minutes

Teacher quality is the key to better student performance and productivity.

Eduwebinar is committed to providing you with quality professional learning experiences in a webinar environment. The webinars are delivered direct to your desktop in the comfort of your own home.

You can build your continuing professional development hours through live webinars or by accessing our archive collection of webinar events. Each webinar includes a certificate of attendance. In the archive collection, we identify the focus areas within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers that could apply to the outcomes of the webinar.

You can see what an Eduwebinar member’s learning experience might look like. You will be able to view the members’ toolkit, bonus resources and other features that are listed on our membership page

Karen Bonanno is the Founder and Managing Director of Eduwebinar Pty Ltd. and has over 30 years of experience in the K-12 education sector in Australia.


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