Free Webinar Series for Educators

Following on from the free webinar – Future Skills, Future Schools, Future School Libraries – I’ve set up a sequence of webinar recordings to support the elements for being future-ready. CLICK here to sign up.  Here is a quick overview… Read More

Enterprise skills and student learning

For many young people, going online is an integral part of their daily life. They engage in entertainment, social interaction and communication, education and research, knowledge gathering and exposure to new life experiences. Globalisation of the workforce, the use of… Read More

K-12 Horizon Report 2015

The NMC Horizon Report K-12 2015 edition is definitely a must-read for teachers. By being aware of what is literally on the education horizon, you can reflect on where you are in relation to the forecast for edtech developments, short-term… Read More

Learning and literacy for the future

June Wall and Karen Bonanno provide an introduction to the research base behind the need for students and teachers to develop new learning skills, formerly known as 21st century learning skills. An outcome of this research has been the recognition… Read More

EduTECH 2014 day two & masterclass reflections

It was an interesting and exciting experience being the chairperson for the K-12 Library Managers Congress. Day two got off to a cracking start with Joyce Valenza’s keynote on The Flipping Librarian. The pace was frantic as Joyce worked her… Read More

EduTECH 2014 – day one reflections

At EduTECH 2014 I had the opportunity to present the opening address, on behalf of the Australian School Library Association, at the K-12 Library Manager Congress. Here are some of my reflections from the first day. Our past is just… Read More

Is your school ready for BYOT?

Last week I had Mal Lee as my guest for a webinar entitled, Readying your school for BYOT.  Mal shared his findings on the 6 evolutionary stages that a school would go through.  The stages are Paper Based > Early… Read More

Horizon Report K-12 2013: a must read

The NMC Horizon Report: 2013 K-12 is a must read for educators working in the K-12 sector. Cloud computing and mobile learning are on the ‘near-horizon’ (within the next 12 months). As schools embrace the BYOD/BYOT approach, these two technologies will… Read More

Follow the progress of the Horizon K-12 2013 edition

The report will be published in June 2013, and focuses on emerging technology and its applications to K-12 education. 2013 will be its fifth year of publication. The Sandbox is the Advisory Board’s primary work area, where you will find… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

Trends to watch in 2013

2012 was quite an interesting year – climate, Olympics, elections, “fiscal cliff”. It was a wild ride in the ebook market—lawsuits, refusals to sell to libraries, library backlash against publishers, brick-and-mortar bookstores closing, start-up companies challenging traditional publishers and distributors,… Read More