Professional learning for teachers

Some digital citizenship challenges for schools

Accessibility The issue of digital accessibility arises when considering learning beyond the formal school day. Survey data has shown that nine in 10 young people (5 to 14 years) have internet access in their home. Those without a home connection… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

Build a digital collection through content curation

There are a range of content curation tools that you can use to help you build your digital collection to support the curriculum development and delivery in your school. You can filter the most current, relevant & reliable, appropriate &… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

Innovative learning activities to engage students

In the 2014 K-12 Horizon Report, creating authentic learning opportunities was identified as a solvable challenge; those that we understand and know how to solve. Authentic learning allows students to focus on real-world, complex problems and solution. In this 40… Read More

Inquiry skills scope and sequence

Inquiry-based learning is a constructivist approach where students have ownership of their learning. It starts with exploration and questioning and leads to investigation of a significant question, issue, problem or idea. It involves asking questions, gathering and analysing information, generating… Read More

EduTECH 2014 day two & masterclass reflections

It was an interesting and exciting experience being the chairperson for the K-12 Library Managers Congress. Day two got off to a cracking start with Joyce Valenza’s keynote on The Flipping Librarian. The pace was frantic as Joyce worked her… Read More

EduTECH 2014 – day one reflections

At EduTECH 2014 I had the opportunity to present the opening address, on behalf of the Australian School Library Association, at the K-12 Library Manager Congress. Here are some of my reflections from the first day. Our past is just… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

A Space for Creation

A Makerspace is a learning environment rich with possibilities. As new hardware and software tools for making, digital design, and fabrication are emerging, we’re working together — with teachers and community leaders — to place those tools into the hands… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

Problem Based Learning in a Public High School

Sammamish High School is in the midst of a five-year process to change from traditional teaching to an entirely problem-based curriculum. Check out this video to see what the teachers are doing to transform the school and engage students in… Read More

Project Based Learning

This short video clearly explains Project Based Learning. Then visit the Buck Institute for Education.

Inquiry learning and the Australian Curriculum

This presentation by Dr Mandy Lupton examines how inquiry learning is portrayed in the Australian Curriculum. It explores how inquiry is represented, developed and sequenced from Foundation to Year 10 in several subject areas. It compares inquiry models from a… Read More