Build a digital collection through content curation

There are a range of content curation tools that you can use to help you build your digital collection to support the curriculum development and delivery in your school. You can filter the most current, relevant & reliable, appropriate & authentic, and purposeful (CRRAAP) information for your staff and students into your curation page.

Here are some benefits for content curation:

  • Select and disseminate resources by class, subject area or topic
  • Provide access to quality resources that students need to engage in a particular project
  • Help colleagues manage resources for classroom activities, projects and tasks
  • Provide access to curated resources from anywhere at anytime via any device
  • Embed / integrate into the school library management system for a ‘one-stop shop’ experience
  • Share great sites and professional resources with colleagues
  • Make lists of relevant resources more visually appealing to users

In this presentation Karen Bonanno presents a range of content curation tools and the various locations where you will find digital collections that support the curriculum.

To view the full webinar presentation, including finding lesson plans to support the Australian Curriculum, then please go to Lesson plan at your fingertips and content curation tools.

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