Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) implications

With the increase in the availability and use of mobile devices and mobile applications, what does this mean for schools?  The move to have the students bring their own technology (BYOT) into the classroom is largely inevitable.

BYOT is most assuredly not simply a technical development.

In a one hour webinar, BYOT: Understanding the inevitable and its implications, Mal Lee examined what is and is not BYOT, why all schools will eventually use a model of BYOT, the plethora of educational, social, organisational and economic opportunities opened up by the development and the very considerable implications.

The Lewisville Independent School District video provides some insight into how BYOT has brought about change for schools in that district.

The report, One-to-One 2.0: Building on the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Revolution produced by Converge, also provides a good starting point for those who may be starting to consider the BYOT approach.  It is becoming obvious that the 1:1 computing, that is, a school providing one computer per child, is beyond the budget of some schools and, for those who initially embarked on the 1:1 project, it is challenging to sustain. This report outlines the benefits, poses the questions, sets out a 10 point checklist and provides key points from planning through to installation.


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