20% off Eduwebinar membership for 2020

Grab our special ‘Back-to-School’ offer – 20% discount for Personal Year Membership for 2020 before end of February 2020.  Eduwebinar provides professional learning for K-12 teachers, teacher librarians and educators. The Eduwebinar site hosts a variety of educational webinars that… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

Digital etiquette

Continuing my focus on digital citizenship with an emphasis on digital etiquette. Digital etiquette sets standards for online conduct and how one should behaviour in a digital environment. In particular, it is important to establish rules for proper use of… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

Digital Rights & Responsibilities

With increased use of technology and high usage of the internet by young people, it is imperative that schools take some responsibility in making sure students of all ages know what are their rights and responsibilities as a digital citizen,… Read More

Professional learning for teachers

Some digital citizenship challenges for schools

Accessibility The issue of digital accessibility arises when considering learning beyond the formal school day. Survey data has shown that nine in 10 young people (5 to 14 years) have internet access in their home. Those without a home connection… Read More

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