Congratulations on becoming an affiliate!
Here is some copy you can use to promote Eduwebinar webinars with your affiliate link.

This page contains information about your affiliation with us, and also some promotions that you can use right away. We’ll also email this to you so you can keep it on file.

Every month we host at least two webinars that provide great information and value, so it is important that you start promoting as soon as possible so that you don’t miss your chance of earning some commissions.

If you are keen, you will take every opportunity to promote the webinars to make yourself a healthy commission each month.

It’s a fabulous opportunity. And a great way for you to offset your investment. How? Well, by simply promoting your exclusive affiliate link to your contacts or database, you could make dollars before you even attend the scheduled event.

Below, you’ll find some promotional emails you can use, but ULTIMATELY what works best is an honest expression of your enthusiasm followed by your affiliate link.

Just before I get to this, I’ve got a quick tip for you. Because your affiliate link looks a bit odd I’d suggest you use one of the shorten URL sites (e.g. or to make it more pleasing on the eye, so to speak. Make sure you copy the shortened URL and save it with your affiliate information so you can use it again and again.

OK, here is some promotional text you can COPY AND PASTE to promote Eduwebinar webinars to your friends, colleagues, staff and clients (no spamming please otherwise your affiliation may be cancelled).


Dear {First name}

I’ve found a way to get access to some great and informative professional learning without having to leave home.

Each month Eduwebinar hosts live webinars (like a presentation but delivered online) that go for an hour and provide me with access to up to date and relevant content that helps me to keep on top of what is happening in education. All the presenters are proven experts in their field and they share stacks of information that I think you will find very interesting.

Check out the webinars at {insert your affiliate link here}. If you want to know more, just let me know.

Best wishes,
{Your name}


Hello {First name}

Wow! I love getting professional learning sessions delivered right to my desktop. I don’t have to travel or pay for expensive accommodation or be away from home. All I do is sit in front of my computer at the scheduled time and just connect in.

You’ve got to visit this site – {insert your affiliate link here}.

Great way to keep up my professional learning hours.

{Your name}


[What you can do is take the information from our webinar page and add it to an email. Example below.]

Dear {First name}

I’ve just registered for a webinar on {name of webinar} which is happening on {day, date and time} and thought you might be interested.

{Copy and paste the abstract from the Eduwebinar webinar page here.}

{Copy and paste the presenter information from the Eduwebinar webinar page here.}

Register now at {insert your affiliate link] to find out more about this webinar.

{Your name}

How to Find Out How Much You’ve Earned

To find out how much you’ve earned in commissions, simply go to the link below and log in with your usename and password that you received in a separate email when you signed up to the affiliate program.

Affiliate Resource Centre:

Extra Resources to Help in Your Promotions

In the Affiliate Resource Centre you will also find additional resources to help you promote the webinars using your unique affiliate link.

So there you go. Of course, the best way to promote is to just use your own enthusiasm for the webinars and then provide your link.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll send you messages from time to time to keep you up to date.

I will also include you in the email messages that I use to promote each webinar. All you need to do is forward on the message but MAKE SURE YOU DELETE OUR LINK – – AND INSERT YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK. Then add your personality to the message and get it circulating.

Till next time and thanks for signing up to the affiliate program.

Karen Bonanno
Founder and Managing Director
Eduwebinar Pty Ltd ATF Professional Learning Network
PO Box 290, Zillmere QLD 4034

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